Where the call to action and button collide

on August 7, 2015 at 16:12

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Most content marketing is focused, measured and analyzed on how well the content leads someone to click that button on the landing page.

However, we often end up spending so much time focused on getting to the button that we forget to optimize the actual button. The content on the button is the content that will drive your landing page visitor to actually click. It is the last flash of copy that will entice them to move forward.

This is why content marketing experts encourage people to use call to action buttons. They're not just little blobs of color to stand out from the landing page. They are the final and most valuable call to action visible to your site visitor. The call to action button is the button that converts your visitors into users or customers.

Buttons, generally, don't give you a lot of space to work with. This is a good thing. It may seem like a challenge, but the best calls to action are short and sweet.

These are all common call to action button phrases. They are short, yes, and to the point. You see them everywhere and they convert. However, they are lacking the opportunity to be persuasive. "Download" and "Sign" can seem like work. "Buy" reminds the user they are forking over cash. If you use the copy on the button to remind your site visitor of why they want to click that button, you'll see a far higher conversion. For example:

If the button copy (and design) says, "hey, this is a button and it will take you to what you came to this landing page for", it is going to be a successful button. But the exact phrase that will work best is different for every product. It is essential to constantly test and try new strings of copy. Using "get" or "start" might have varying results. The copy that leads to and follows the button needs to coordinate with the copy on the button, too. Remind your site visitors of the value of what they are getting when they click, then test it.

Whatever you do, don't have a fantastic landing page with amazing content all the way to the button and then have just a button. Make sure you have a call to action button.


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