Tweak your landing pages to boost your conversion rate

on September 2, 2015 at 20:25

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You need an awesome marketing campaign for your product or business.

By creating ads that attract attention, a website that shows up in search results and a social media presence that enlists clicks, you are well on your way. However, even though you have a considerable amount of traffic coming to your landing pages, something is keeping visitors from turning into leads.

No, this doesn't mean you need to trash your landing pages and start all over new. Simply think about tweaking your landing pages to better convince visitors to hang around and explore your site.

Internet users are quite fickle. In the blink of an eye, they've already decided whether or not to remain on a page. Seriously, it only takes three to eight seconds and if you don't have what they think they're looking for they'll leave. It happens that fast. Successful website conversion rate optimization requires relevance, visual appeal and time worthiness.

  1. Picture it

    The very first thing that's going to grab attention is your primary image. Research has proven time and time again that you need the right picture to get the right results.

    You need an image that really stands out to your target audience. Use an image that says your company is reliable, trustworthy and friendly. Test several different images on your landing pages to determine the ones that provide you with the greatest rates of conversion.

  2. Color it

    With the right color scheme, you'll be able to make visitors comfortable as you grab their attention. Color has been known to elicit certain reactions and emotions. Therefore, you must master the use of color for ideal website conversion rate optimization.

    Before you decide which colors to use on your landing pages, start by asking yourself about the emotions and perceptions that you want to be associated with your company by your target audience. Make a list and explore ways to use color to achieve these goals.

  3. Copy counts

    Finally, you need clear copy that will communicate quickly to your visitors that you have something of value to offer. Strategic use of a unique selling point and your call to action are key.

    Keep your copy short and easy for visitors to scan. Begin your sentences with verbs. In addition, you need to speak in a language that coincides with the language used by your target audience.

The best way to know which tweaks are going to work for you is to know your target market. Learn what they want and how you can help them get it.


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