Three ways to improve your landing page copy

on July 23, 2015 at 12:39

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Your landing page serves as an automated sales person. It explains your product or service to your prospects, helps to persuade them of the benefits you provide them, and ultimately converts them from "lookers" into "bookers".

Seomaton is a landing page maker that can help you to build ideal landing pages, ones that fulfil this function. So if you're looking to improve your landing page, here are three expert tips for your consideration:

  1. Look at your landing page as a "funnel"

    The goal of the landing page is to bring in an interested prospect, introduce them to your company, and ultimately have them leave as customers and hopefully even lifelong fans. Make sure your landing page is a functional part of this overall system or funnel. Be sure it includes a headline that introduces your company and focuses on the benefits it provides, an introduction that connects the headline to your main content, body copy that illustrates the central benefits of your company, and a closing pitch that leads the prospect to the next part of your sales process.

  2. Be sure the landing page focuses on the benefits of your offering

    Many companies make the mistake of focusing on the features of their service. A guitar website, for example, might focus on the materials its guitars are made from, or the special construction of the body frame. This is a mistake because your customers are not interested in the features of your offering, they are concerned about what it does for them. So, the guitar company should focus its site on how its guitars will help its customers to easily produce exceptional music, and your landing page should focus on how your company helps solve your customers' main pain points.

  3. Try to include as much proof as you can muster in your landing page

    Your prospects will likely be visiting your page with a great deal of skepticism. They want to be sure your company fulfils the promises it provides, so try to include as many proof elements in your content as you can. You can include testimonials, explanations of how your offering's features translate into benefits for your prospect, or even hi-tech illustrations of what you are offering. The more proof you can provide your site's visitors, the more you can overcome their skepticism and turn them into satisfied customers.

If you want to learn how to use your website to help promote your product, you can use these tips to help turn it into a high-quality, effective landing page.


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