Three types of headlines that potential customers love to click

on August 25, 2015 at 11:33

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Website conversion rate optimization starts with writing good headlines.

If you don't write good headlines for your landing pages, no customers will click on them, and therefore will never purchase your product or service. Here are three types of headlines which are likely to grab a potential customer's attention:

  1. Lists

    It's no coincidence that the headline of this blog post includes a list. The reason Buzzfeed articles are so popular is that they are often 'listicles'. Using the Buzzfeed model increases the likelihood that people will click on your pages. Write lists that promote your product or service. For instance, someone who owns a makeup business would want a landing page titled, "Five beauty products every woman needs." Someone who owns a yoga studio might write "Ten incredible benefits of hot yoga."

  2. How-tos

    People often search how to do things, and if your headline is the answer to someone's question, the person is definitely going to click on the page. Just like lists, you can work this type of headline into a promotion for your product or service. For instance, a person who runs a bakery might use the headline, "How to make a cake," and then put pictures of their own cakes in the article to encourage readers to buy their products, or even buy a book of their recipes.

  3. Mysteries

    If people feel like they have to click on a link to find out an interesting and valuable piece of information, they will click. For instance, if a person Googles "acne skin care products," and one of the headlines in the search results is, "What nobody tells you about big name brand acne products," the person will click on it in order to find out the mysterious piece of information. This would be a good headline for a skin care business to use, but you can adapt the concept to fit your product or service.

Using these three types of headlines for your landing pages will definitely result in more clicks. If you want more information about how our landing page service can optimize your website conversion rate, get in touch with us today!


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