The importance of keyword continuity on your landing pages

on September 7, 2015 at 16:45

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Search engine companies invest a lot of time and money into testing their search results.

They know that when a user types in keywords, the results should match their search or the user will become frustrated. As such, once a user identifies a match to their search and clicks on that match, the keywords they are looking for should be repeated to some extent on the landing page with the ultimate goal of making the visitor a potential or new client.

More than 95% of users will move elsewhere if the first impression of your landing page does not appear to fit their search criteria and this is usually determined within seconds. Strategically, the user should be able to immediately identify the landing page as being relatively connected back to the initial keyword search. Aligning keywords and landing pages will go a long way to increasing your website conversion rate optimization. Visitors will usually decide whether or not they are going to use the services of your website based on your landing pages.

For example, if a user searches for "children's dress shoes" but the title of the landing page only identifies "dress shoes" the user will more than likely move on. The objective is to build greater relevance and consistency throughout the user's experience while making your landing page easy to navigate. This can be especially useful when regional landing pages are integrated into your website.

You will want to keep the value of the user experience as simple as possible. At the same time, you want your headlines, content and any offers to be promptly recognized as relevant and additionally, beneficial, in order for your website landing pages to build credibility. Continuity of the original keyword search within the landing page will assure the user they have come to the right place. Therefore, keyword continuity is a conversion rate strategy that is sure to increase sales.

To this end, Seomaton is a software product generating the automated creation of landing pages with the built-in capability of focusing on specific keywords for continuity, thus, assuring that each of your potential landing pages connects the right visitors, both regional and categorized, with the right website – yours!


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