How well do you deal with different types of landings?

on August 14, 2015 at 16:22

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When people touch down at an airport, some know exactly how they need to proceed after they leave their flight.

Others may need a series of signposts and other help. Some people will be heading on to various destinations, while others are staying in the area where they have arrived.

An airport has to deal with all these situations – and so do your landing pages. Automated creation of these help in generating regional or specific category arrivals. But each of these visitors could be said to be in a different state of readiness. It's up to skillful content marketing processes to work at delivering exactly what each of these people needs.

These may not be met simply on the actual landing page itself, but through the onward links that your visitors are invited to follow. If you are offering a specific product or key service, it's likely, during the lead generation process, that your visitors will be in varying stages of "readiness to agree".

Some will be fairly committed to going ahead before they undertake the search that brings them to your web pages. They are looking for the information that allows them to quickly proceed. Others will be making a much more casual search. Here your welcoming landing pages, and then other places in your site that they move on to, need to work to complete the selling story and encourage them into action.

This is no different from a shop in a mall – some customers arrive and ask for a specific product, others are "just browsing thank you". Yet, if this latter grouping are simply left to their own devices, many of them may eventually leave without making a purchase. Equally, those eager to buy might be dissuaded by the attitude of the staff – say by an unwillingness or inability to answer a key question. All these situations can also impair your website's ability to convert arriving leads into at least potential customers who are making contact with you.

Therefore, it pays to take some time to assess how well your web content copes with the differing needs of those who might arrive there. Meeting each of their requirements makes all the careful lead generation work pay off to a better extent.


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