Grabbing your visitors the moment they reach your landing pages

on July 31, 2015 at 13:46

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Imagine boarding a flight with no idea of where you'd be landing.

Equally, how off-putting would it be to believe you are flying to one destination and then find you've arrived at another? In aviation, of course, this happens very infrequently. On the other hand, when dealing with landing pages on business websites, it's sadly much more of a "frequent flyer" experience!

The key to ensuring an effective arrival at your website, including those through specific geo-targeted local landing pages, is in greeting your visitors by presenting exactly what they expect and want to find. This is where carefully crafted landing pages score heavily over those web presences that don't use them. The good news is they do allow you to grab more business when frustrated users simply restart their search, rather than go through what is described in the following example.

Suppose you're searching for a new external hard drive for your computer, and would prefer to find a local shop or business – one where you can go and talk to the experts. Therefore, into the search engine you would place both your location and what you're seeking.

When the results arrive, you click through from a link to a local store. Here you simply find a generic homepage, often full of praising content for the business itself. You are now expected to navigate from there to where you wish to be. On some websites this can be a sadly taxing process!

Using a geo-targeted local landing page, those visitors will instantly find themselves at a location that addresses their need for that specific product at the same time as tying the business to their geographical area of interest.

From this starting point, you'll be able to direct them onwards through your site, perhaps to complete a sale – even if that wasn't their original intention. Should they still want to buy or collect in person, you'll simply have added a link to allow them a fast and easy way to find both exactly where you are and when they can visit.

Taking the time to create a series of specific geo-targeted local landing pages helps place your business where potential customers wish it to be, and allows them to quickly respond as they want to.


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