Four advanced methods for improving website conversion rates

on September 9, 2015 at 16:52

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There are dozens of tried-and-true methods for website conversion rate optimization.

But what sets a good website apart from a great website is the designer's willingness to take risks and think outside the box when it comes to optimizing conversion rates. If you already have a good website, but are looking for less common methods of increasing your conversion rate, try these:

  1. Make a video

    Visitors like visuals, and videos are one of the most popular visuals in today's world. Videos can tell a visitor everything about you in just a minute or two, in a fun and enjoyable way. If a concept is especially hard to explain, or uses a lot of copy on your page, try finding a way to fit it into video format. People will be far less hesitant to click a play button than to read hundreds of words of copy.

  2. Personalize it

    Everyone reacts better to personalized things. A landing page can be personalized in many different ways, and how you do so really depends on what sort of business you're operating. You can target visitors geographically, by either mentioning things in their area or putting the services and products that most pertain to their location on the forefront of your site. If you're selling products or services, you can also track what specific customers have bought or viewed before and give them personalized recommendations.

  3. Avoid sign-up forms, or make them easy

    Far too many websites nowadays require sign-ups. With the hassle of finding fitting usernames and passwords and typing information in, no one wants to sign up for anything. If you do have something for people to subscribe to or make an account for, consider linking that sign-up process through another website that customers already use, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Visitors are much more willing to allow Facebook to store their login information for your site than they are to create a new account just for you. Plus, visitors signing in through other sites could give you more information to personalize your site to individual users.

  4. Be a little mysterious

    Designers and developers always stress being clear about your company and purpose on your landing page. Yes, it is important for visitors to get an idea of why you have a website and who you are very quickly. But erring a little on the mysterious side can also help you entice visitors into doing what you want them to. People are intrigued by what they don't completely know. If you can find a way to tell visitors just enough about your business on your landing page, while leaving some room for wonder and questions, you may get more visitors signing up or looking into your business to find out what it's all about.


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