Five ways you're sabotaging your own landing page

on July 24, 2015 at 15:36

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We know localization is key as people desire more and more customized solutions to all their problems. When you want regional landing pages, it's a time-consuming task to build every one by yourself.

This is where a drag and drop landing page builder comes in. However, there are ways you can sabotage your own landing page. Avoid these five common errors, and your landing page will be on the way to generating business.

  1. Outdated info

    As a consumer, is there anything worse than going to a website and finding outdated information? When the copy says the page was last updated in 2009, a consumer leaves immediately. Keep your landing pages updated monthly. If you have any new information, update it immediately. Consumers aren't going to search around your website for the correct phone number; they will just go somewhere else.

  2. Poor formatting

    Poor website design in general can drive away any potential customer. Make sure your background is light, and the text is dark. Avoid any crazy fonts, and consider breaking down your information into paragraphs with bullet points.

  3. Keyword mistakes

    Using a drag and drop landing page builder means you can create multiple pages in one step. When you create them by yourself, you risk confusion and mistakes. For example, if you're targeting the San Antonio area but you accidentally write "San Francisco" a couple of times, consumers are going to be confused and probably leave the page immediately.

  4. No images

    Always include relevant, quality images when possible. Nothing is worse than finding a page and being hit with a wall of text. If you include images, make sure they are clear and bright.

  5. No call to action

    What do you want consumers to do once they find your page? Visit your shop, call, or buy a product? Make it clear what they should do next, and always provide the best way for them to reach you. If you want them to come into your brick and mortar shop, make sure the address and directions are highly visible. Don't put the address at the bottom, and then have a huge button for your e-commerce store. The clearer your call to action, the more likely your customers will be to follow through.

SaaS software can easily create tons of custom landing pages for different regions, which can be immeasurably beneficial for your company. Specific keywords important to each region can be worked into the metadata and copy, so your customers from different areas will find exactly what they are looking for.


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