Five tips for engaging viewers

on July 27, 2015 at 16:35

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A landing page is of little use if it just sits on the internet. You could have a million hits to your site, but if everyone is looking at your lead page and leaving, what good is it really doing you?

If you have managed to attract people to your page, you want them to interact with it. There are a few simple ways to boost your viewer engagement, and encourage them to go from viewers to customers.

  1. Target your audience

    Maybe your business is region-specific, or maybe you want to target a number of specific areas. Viewers are going to be much more engaged with a site that caters to their locale and regional interests. If you have multiple landing pages, you can make them area-specific, which will make your page appear more on local searches. Certain software (like Seomaton) can help you create many lead pages fast, so that you can target those viewers most likely to engage with your business.

  2. Make it simple

    No one is going to waste time trying to figure out how to get around a complex site, or shift through confusing headlines and copy. In many cases, the simplest lead page is the best one. Choose a design that will allow you to present information in an organized manner so that viewers will feel informed and welcomed, not scared away. The best way to make it simple is to avoid large blocks of text, too many columns of information, and too many buttons, headlines, or images. The best landing page often has a simple color scheme, tight copy, and a clear call to action.

  3. Create a call to action

    You brought viewers to your site for them to do something. Whether it's sign up for a newsletter, check out your products, or simply learn more about you, if a viewer doesn't know what they are supposed to do with your page, they will likely leave it.

  4. Be smart about navigation buttons

    Your call to action and navigation buttons should allow viewers to do what you want them to, but without being too distracting or too hard to find. First, you want to make sure that any buttons or links are placed where you will get the most out of them. You don't want a viewer to immediately link to another page before reading your landing page copy. You also don't want your navigation buttons so hard to find that a viewer simply leaves your page. Navigation buttons can be placed inside copy text, in a sidebar, or at the bottom of your copy. Also be sure that your navigation buttons stand out, which can be easily done by using contrasting colors or large buttons.

  5. Add something fun

    Everyone is more interested in photos and videos than a simple text website, so why not try adding some to yours? This shouldn't overwhelm or distract the viewer, but adding a little something extra, something personal to your company and theme, can add a lot to your site, and keep viewers interested.


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