Five major turn-offs for visitors to your site

on August 3, 2015 at 15:48

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There are lots of strategies for grabbing a viewer's attention on your landing page, but there are also many ways to immediately turn a visitor away from your site.

Even if you're doing everything right to engage your viewer, doing one or more things wrong could mean that they won't even stick around to see the good. Avoid these few fatal errors to ensure that visitors are giving your landing page a fair chance.

  1. A bad heading

    The heading is the first thing a visitor will see on your page (or it should be, at least). Aside from looking professional and being easy to find, the heading should say exactly what you are, and even give a clue as to what you do. If the heading is your company's name, make sure it's enticing and well-presented. If the heading explains what you do, make sure it tells the viewer that clearly, in one concise line. Headings that don't make sense or are poorly-placed will turn a viewer away before they get to your copy, links, or images.

  2. Too much or too little copy

    If a visitor opens your lead page and sees solid blocks of text, they will probably close it. Likewise, if they see no copy, and can't figure out what your website is even for, they won't waste time trying to figure it out. Be sure to strike a balance between enough copy to make clear what your lead page's purpose is and an overwhelming amount of text.

  3. Takes too long to load

    Some visitors won't even make it to your landing page if it's taking too long to load. If they're stuck waiting for more than a few seconds, they will probably just close the window. This is also true about individual sections of your lead page. If all your copy loads, but your images are slowing the page down, a viewer may not bother waiting.

  4. You only use stock photos

    Photos are good; they give a viewer something to look at that's not blocks of text. But photos can also turn a viewer away if they're cheesy, over-used, or simply look fake. Sometimes it's best to stray away from traditional stock photos, and find a photo or video that is unique to you and your brand.

  5. Layout

    A visitor doesn't want to try to navigate your landing page. By nature of your layout, your page should take them from your heading, to copy, to photos, to links, in the order you want viewers to see them. Using a landing page generator that will allow you to drag and drop sections of copy, photos, and other features will allow you to play around with your layout and optimize its appeal to viewers.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure to avoid fatal mistakes, and create a lead page that will grab and keep visitors' attention. The easiest way to begin making your lead pages is to find a program that allows hassle-free creation of your very own landing pages and get to work customizing them to fit you.


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