Creating 'yes we can' landing pages

on October 08, 2015 at 08:04

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We know for sure that effectively produced landing pages are extremely useful at grabbing the people who click through to visit your site and then maintaining and heightening their interest.

Many such landing pages are geared towards specific products, ranges, or geographical areas. Such objectives are thoroughly valid when you create your landing pages.

However, there is another possibility, and one that can sometimes be overlooked. This is to match your landing pages to the reasons that people were searching in the first place. Many searches are instigated because the searcher is trying to solve a problem or overcome a difficulty, or looking for ways to avoid something happening that they don't want to occur.

This is where the use of "yes we can" landing pages comes into its own. Like a patient visiting a doctor, they see you as someone who can provide the solution to what's troubling them. Like the physician, you have the chance to both demonstrate your expertise and then put it to good use on your "patient's" behalf.

To make the most of these possibilities — and it's likely that many of your key competitors don't — simply take some time to consider the key reasons visitors would be looking for the outcomes your products or services provide. Try and work out the phrases that people would use when searching and then make sure these are prominently featured in your content marketing activities.

You might then pose the key needs in the form of a confirmation question. Some examples: unsure if your home is adequately insured? Want to know if your pension is ready for your retirement? Need safe cloud storage in case your computers crash? Want to enjoy that movie theater experience at home?

Welcoming visitors to your website in a way that really communicates to their needs, desires, worries or anxieties can help greatly with your website conversion rate optimization. It can also have a spin-off benefit when your visitors meet or talk to others with the same needs or worries. They can offer you as a solution that has already worked for them.


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