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on July 24, 2015 at 13:50

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It makes good sense to create a range of landing pages for your company and to use a proven landing page template to do so. It is important to produce a series which addresses specific regional or local geographical considerations.

Equally, you might create pages relating to specific key categories of your business. Within such actions, you'll also be looking to use effective search engine optimization techniques to help maximize your presence on search engines and gain the best possible response.

All this is as it should be, but if you think this is the complete story – stop for a moment. Landing pages deliver interested prospects to your online presence, but it's vital that this is achieved in a way that makes these visitors keen to remain with you and move on through your website. That's why they're called landing – rather than destination – pages. They provide the starting point for a journey your customer is keen to make.

They are also places where business can be lost by forgetting one key premise. Visitors arrive at the page because they have a problem your products or services might solve, an important question they expect you to answer, or a specific benefit that making a purchase will allow them to enjoy.

Therefore, for truly effective landing pages, it's vital to understand these questions, problems or desires. Armed with this information, you then create content that addresses them and moves the visitor on to the next stage of the process. This content should be set at a level of understanding for those reading it. So be careful of being over-technical or jargon-packed, unless your only visitors are going to be those folk with this high level of understanding.

If you don't achieve these things, there is a serious danger that people will be directed to your landing pages from their search, but be dissatisfied with what they then find. If this is true, they are very likely simply to leave and search elsewhere. Worse than that, they may well pass this frustration to others across social media, further damaging your business and its reputation.

Working hard at the content allows for smooth landings and onward journeys. Failure to do so can lead visitors to the departure gate!


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