What A/B testing can do for your landing page

on October 8, 2015 at 07:55

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So you've built your landing pages, the website looks good and you've got customers rolling in. Now you can relax, right? No, not at all; now you start the lengthy process of A/B testing.

What is it? Essentially, A/B testing is making changes to pages, running them simultaneously with a control and finding out which one works better in terms of lead generations and sales. It's an art and a science unto itself, but if you're using landing pages at all then you should find out more about it, because A/B testing can turn a dud into a winner and make a massive difference to your overall revenue.

You can have more than two options; it doesn't have to be a straight "either … or", but it's best practice to change just one thing. That can be the call to action button, it can be the layout or it can be the copy. It can even be the price. Just alter one thing, run the tests and see how much of a difference it makes to your website conversion.

Get scientific about it, try and keep other variables down to a minimum and see if it really makes a difference if you change the colour of a button. You'll be amazed by the psychological impact such minor changes can have and one company recently revealed a 200% increase in revenue with one such minor change.

A/B testing can also help you decide on the flavour of your offer, it could even help you determine your ideal customer as you can pitch several landing pages at totally different buyer personas and see which one turns into the most profitable option. You might genuinely be amazed at the results; many times a whole firm has changed its entire direction and marketing approach when A/B testing trials showed results that were just too strong to ignore.

Streamline your landing page production as much as possible, because if you sit there and do it all manually, you just won't have the time to fine-tune to this extent. This website conversion rate optimisation will make all the difference, so make sure your content marketing effort is at its absolute peak and start A/B testing right now.


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