Using microformats in regional landing pages

on July 13, 2015 at 12:07

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If you run a business with premises in several different areas, regional landing pages make it easy to give each of your offices or outlets its own web presence.

Regional landing pages add on-page location-based keywords to your site for all of your target areas, creating a separate page to appear in the search results for each address, and making it more likely that you will appear highly relevant to the person conducting the search.

Automatic generation of landing pages streamlines the process of creating this content, and you can use microformats (sometimes called Schema) to spell out exactly which part is your address, your opening times and so on. Including the relevant snippets of code in your page lets the search engines know exactly what's what, so that they can pick out this information and display it in the search results.

Schema – LocalBusiness

If you want to use Schema microformats, the one you need on your local landing pages is LocalBusiness, a set of microdata tags that allows you to pick out your opening hours, your address, the currencies you accept, and the brand or organisation you belong to; you can even specify a point of contact with your firm.

There are more than 60 different items of microdata you can flag up in this way, so this is a very good opportunity to help the search engines decipher the information on your page. But first you need a good-quality local landing page with all of the correct information displayed in a sensible order – and reproducing this for each of your locations can be a laborious task.

Automatic generation of landing pages can take a lot of the leg work out of creating this content, with built-in SEO automation to make sure the text on each page will be crawled and indexed in a good position by the search engines.

So far, not all of the major search engines have full support for Schema and microformats, and the standard is still evolving, so it's important to focus first on the quality of your landing pages, before adding any extra markup behind the scenes.

With a good landing page generator, you know the most important information will all be included in the correct way, which is the best first step towards comprehensive online coverage of all your locations.


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