Three ways to test the quality and effectiveness of your landing pages

on July 24, 2015 at 13:12

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We often use this blog to provide you with specific tips for improving your landing page designs. Today, we'd like to take the next logical step and teach you some techniques that will help you check the quality of your pages before uploading them.

Our landing page generator can help you create many lead pages fast, but it's still important to make sure that the design of these pages is second-to-none! As such, we've compiled three easy ways to check that your landing pages are impeccable.

  1. "The five second test"

    The "five second test" is a simple trick that web designers use to make sure their landing pages are clear and intelligible. All you have to do is show a friend or colleague your landing page for five seconds, then close the display. If they can tell you the purpose of the page based on their five-second glimpse, that page has passed the test. It's worth repeating the test multiple times with different people to ensure that your first result wasn't a fluke. Any page that can consistently pass the "five second test" will be clear, concise and easy-to-comprehend. These are all vital qualities for your landing pages, as such pages need to quickly introduce potential customers to your business and win their approval. In contrast, if a page consistently fails the "five second test", it probably needs a lot more work before you can put it online.

  2. Checking the print out

    One of the simplest questions about your landing page is also the hardest to answer: "does it look good?" When you've been staring at your page on a computer screen throughout the design process, you get used to its appearance and it becomes hard to judge whether it has any aesthetic appeal. To counteract this problem, it's worth printing out a hard copy of your landing page so that you can study it away from the computer screen. Being able to view the page in a new format will make it seem fresh, thereby giving you the ability to spot both flaws and strong points that you may have missed on the computer. Landing pages have to draw viewers in, so it's vital that they look their best!

  3. Anonymous testing

    The final (and most important) thing you need to check is whether your landing page can successfully convert a viewer into a customer. One easy way to do this is to show your landing page to a cross-section of friends and colleagues and get them to anonymously write down whether the page made them want to purchase your products or services. Think of it as taking a vote on whether your landing page is effective at conversion: you want more people to vote "yes" than "no". If you don't get the result you were hoping for, you may need to make some adjustments. However, if the majority of your "voters" say that your landing page does make them want to buy your products or services, you can put it online in confidence.

Our landing page generator is an amazing tool for creating region-specific landing pages. However, if you want to make sure those pages succeed, you need to check their quality before going live! Luckily, the techniques we've presented here should make that simple.


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