Three features you should add to your landing pages

on September 7, 2015 at 10:35

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Generally speaking, the most effective landing pages are clean and minimalist, because this makes them easy to understand and navigate.

However, it's sometimes worth sacrificing a completely minimal aesthetic in order to include a feature that will improve your conversion rate. Website conversion rate optimisation is vital if you want website viewers to become customers. Luckily, website conversion rate optimisation isn't as tricky as it might sound. In fact, we've compiled a list of three features that you can add to your landing pages to drastically boost your conversion rate!

  1. Customer testimonials

    Consumers often feel reassured by product reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Landing pages are often designed to guide web users to the section of your website that deals with a particular range of products or services. As such, they are the ideal place to position customer testimonials for those products or services. Web users will feel confident about the quality of your products or services before they even reach the part of your site where they can purchase them. By instilling confidence in your site's viewers early on, you increase the likelihood that they will convert into customers!

  2. Limited time offers

    Creating a sense of urgency is a very effective way of getting customers to buy your products or services. Everybody likes to get a good deal and nobody likes the thought of missing one! Web users may convert into customers in order to take advantage of a limited time offer. You can use your landing pages to make prospective customers aware of special offers that will only last a short length of time. In fact, landing pages are one of the best places to notify customers of limited time offers, because they are the first part of your site that many users encounter. By making sure your limited time offer is one of the first things your prospective customers see, you can heighten their sense of urgency!

  3. Location-specific text

    Prospective customers are often attracted to businesses with a presence in their local area, even if the products or services that business offers can be accessed from any location. This is because people find it easier to trust businesses that they feel are less remote. As such, it's important to show your viewers that your business operates in their particular locale. Our landing pages generator can help you do this by allowing you to easily create geo-targeted landing pages.

It may not be possible to include all three of the features we have listed here on your landing pages. However, even including one or two can significantly boost your conversion rate, so don't hesitate to include each feature whenever it's appropriate to do so!


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