Three common landing page mistakes and how to avoid making them

on July 22, 2015 at 13:32

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A good landing page can be the difference between success and failure for many businesses, but that doesn't stop people making silly mistakes when creating them.

So, to help your business get its landing pages right, here are three common landing page mistakes, with advice on how you can avoid making them.

  1. Using poor quality images

    Landing pages should always include high resolution, good quality images, but we still come across many where pictures are blurred, fuzzy, badly cropped, or pixelated. Your business can avoid making this mistake by ensuring that you only use images of the highest quality on your landing pages, and by setting a minimum DPI for all of your images, so as to make sure none slip through without you noticing.

  2. Too much content

    Another mistake that many businesses make when it comes to landing pages is overdoing it with the content. While you do want to make sure that you say everything you want to on your landing page, and ensure that you get the values and general idea of your brand across to your prospective customers, you must ensure that you don't overcrowd the page. This is because many people won't even bother to read a page full of text, or one that looks confusing or has too much information. Avoid making this mistake by planning your content carefully, and curating your landing pages properly.

  3. Not using a landing page generator

    Many web designers and business owners think that they can create their landing pages themselves, and as a result they fail to use a landing page generator to do so – but this is a major mistake. Using a landing page generator is a great way to obtain clarity and consistency across your landing pages, and ensure that they work in the way that you wish them to. You can avoid making this mistake by using a landing page generator, like Seomaton, from the start. Seomaton is a software as a service product that can generate your regional and categorising landing pages for you, without the hassle of you doing it yourself.


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