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on July 31, 2015 at 14:11

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One problem faced by businesses with a strong online presence is scaling geo-targeted local landing pages that really rank and convert. Our landing pages generator can help, but first it's important to understand the problem.

It's necessary to note that this is a separate issue to simply scaling a website. Scaling a website is about adding resources (such as bandwidth) to enable your site to deal with a higher volume of traffic. What we're discussing when we talk about "scaling geo-targeted local landing pages" is using landing pages as a tool for expanding (or "scaling") your business in a new locale.

If you're thinking of expanding your business into new locales, you'll probably want to establish an effective web presence in these areas before creating physical branches. After all, the scale of your business in that area won't be sufficient to justify a physical presence at first! Unfortunately, Google and other search engines endeavour to show users businesses that are local to them, making it tricky for newcomers to get attention and scale their business's presence in the new region.

How can our landing pages generator help? By using a landing page template that you create, our software can create landing pages that incorporate regional keywords that will make that page highly visible to web users conducting regional searches. What's more, it can generate a sizeable number of these pages quickly.

If you had to hand craft each geo-targeted landing page, it would take significant time and resources to establish a web presence in each region. What's more, you'd still be competing against local businesses that already have a stronger presence. However, by using a landing pages generator, you can rapidly create several landing pages for each locale, increasing the likelihood that they will show up in the SERPs for different users and enabling you to get a foothold in that area. Once you've established a regional web presence and cultivated a loyal customer base, you can scale your business up until you have a physical branch.

As regular readers may remember, we don't usually recommend creating large numbers of landing pages for each individual locale. However, these tactics can be helpful for businesses that don't yet have a physical presence in an area and need to rapidly attract the attention of large numbers of web-users in order to begin scaling.

Scaling geo-targeted landing pages that really rank and convert is easy with a landing pages generator. Not only can you generate as many pages as you need, you can also ensure that they're effective and optimised for users as you have control of the template the generator uses. When you're ready to begin scaling your business in new regions, don't hesitate to use landing page generation!



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