Local SEO landing pages are Google gold

on July 6, 2015 at 17:44

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If you run a national business or if you work on a regional level, local landing pages can prove to be one of the most effective SEO techniques you can use.

When users look for a service, particularly a tradesman or business supplier, they regularly include their local area as a way of cutting out the general pages that Google throws up as a matter of course. Of course ecommerce providers can also benefit from these localised searches, too.

A local landing page is a perfect way to hone your SEO and ensure that you are near the top of the rankings for a number of towns or villages in your vicinity, or the whole country.

Most businesses work with clients from a number of local towns and cities, so if you can make sure you show up in the search rankings for these towns as well as your own, then you're going to get more business. It really is that simple. Think of your website like a fishing line in the water, and each separate landing page is another line and hook that will help you catch more clients.

Of course setting these landing pages up manually can be a time-sapping drain on your precious resources, so it's wise to look at a software-based landing pages generator to set up landing pages for your region, the county or even nationwide.

With the painful tedium taken care of, you can focus on more important issues, like taking care of the content and adding a regional-specific flavour to the page.

SEO is just part of the process; the landing pages have to be solid sales pitches in their own right as the end user is not Google, it's a human being.

Local landing pages can and will have a positive impact on your business if you use them as part of your overall SEO strategy. They'll help improve your ranking on Google, help clients find you through the maze of other providers and help you spread your business net far and wide. It's a low-cost form of advertising that will keep on giving.


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