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on July 14, 2015 at 18:25

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If you're selling a product that you ship to the customer or deliver electronically, rather than a service, it can still be useful to have local landing pages that cover the whole of the UK. That's where a local landing page generator can score big in terms of your SEO.

You really don't need to be worried about your physical location, you can use a landing page generator to boost your Google ranking no matter what you do. Of course, if you're a tradesman, setting up pages for every local village and town is just smart business, you can create many local lead pages for your existing website, but an eBay seller based in China could just as easily make use of the system if you're trying to make inroads into the UK market.

Say, for instance, you're selling a glass repair system in a box. The average internet user might still include their locality in the search request. As soon as your landing page pops up, they might discover a service they simply didn't know about and you could score a sale from nowhere.

Of course, you could industriously set up separate domains for each city, manually, but the cost and time would be mind-boggling. Instead, by using a landing page generator you can be up and running with every city in the UK in a single day at virtually no cost. The generator understands that Google is looking for different designs, too, so it automatically does the job that would take a designer weeks and presents you with a raft of local landing pages that will get your product found from London to Loch Lomond.

If you really want to maximise your SEO efforts, you'll want to go through the pages, customising the content and including a little local information on each page that is totally unique. This will really give your search engine ranking a boost, as Google loves unique content.

The beauty is that the landing page generator has done all the donkey work for you, so you can focus on the fine details that will turn a trickle of traffic into a flood before you even know it.


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