How to deploy your landing pages effectively

on July 21, 2015 at 13:17

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Are you ready to expand your business into new regions on either a national or international scale? If you are, region-specific landing pages can help you.

As we've discussed in previous entries, web users often add regional keywords to their search to find businesses in their area, so it's important to pre-empt those searches with landing pages for each region. Our landing pages creator can help you generate mobile responsive landing pages, but that still leaves an important question: how should you deploy them to get the best result?

  1. Less is more

    First and foremost, you should restrict yourself to one landing page per target region. It's important to make sure that every region gets its own landing page. However, giving a single region too many can do more harm than good. Web users can sometimes be put off a website if they see it too many times in their search results, as it creates the impression that the site is "spamming" the SERPs in an unprofessional manner. In contrast, one high-quality regional landing page will quickly rise to the first page of web users' search results and should be all you need to attract a multitude of viewers!

  2. Call in the cavalry with PPC

    Using region-specific landing pages will help improve your pages' SERP visibility, which will in turn lead to an increased number of page views. However, there's no reason that you shouldn't back up this strategy with pay per click advertising for your site. Place adverts that link to your regional landing pages on the websites of other local businesses as a secondary means of funnelling viewers to your site. It's important that your ads lead to your regional landing pages rather than your homepage, because this will show your viewers that your business has a serious stake in their local area and is committed to delivering a high-quality regional service.

  3. It's never too late to edit

    Landing page generators are incredibly useful for creating large numbers of landing pages quickly. But that doesn't mean that you can't go back and manually tweak your landing pages when you have more time. You don't need to make major adjustments; you could simply add local images or pieces of content to some of your regional landing pages. This will help cement the impression that your business is committed to operating at the local level, thereby cultivating the trust of your viewers.

Our landing pages creator is a powerful tool for attracting huge numbers of potential customers – you just have to know how to deploy the pages it creates effectively!


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