How landing pages can help with website conversion rate optimisation

on September 2, 2015 at 20:07

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Today's business marketplace is heavily focused on content, be that the content of social media posts, blog articles, or your website itself.

The idea is that by posting content with targeted keywords, you're improving your SEO, which helps new customers find your business. Additionally, posting interesting, unique content develops your brand, encourages brand loyalty, and improves the credibility of your business, which all help to stimulate sales. This means that in order to get a measure of how well your content is working to bring in customers, lots of businesses look at the traffic on their website, and at the data which tells them how that traffic was directed to their website.

However, this is also where many businesses make a major mistake. By looking solely at traffic, you're not measuring how many of those people actually bought the products or services that you offer, and thus were converted into customers. This is called your conversion rate, and keeping it high is key to your business surviving and growing. In order to generate more sales, businesses often try to optimise their conversion rate, and using targeted landing pages is a great way to do this. This is called website conversion rate optimisation, or sometimes CRO for short, and involves making clever tweaks to your landing page's content, design, and layout in order to encourage conversion.

How can landing pages help with website conversion rate optimisation?

Your website conversion rate is the number of people that are visiting your site, and then being converted into customers. This means that when they visit your site, something else needs to happen to get them to buy your products of services. This is where your landing pages come in, using great content, targeted keywords, and innovative design tricks to help convert browsers into customers. Trying to completely overhaul all of your landing pages to improve conversion can be a tough ask, and that's why many people are now using landing page generators to do the work for them. Seomaton is a software as a service landing page generator that can really help improve your conversion rate. Contact us today to find out how it could help your business.


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