Get traffic fast with landing page optimisation

on July 28, 2015 at 09:25

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You have a sparkling new section of your website that you've had designed using the best landing page software available today, and now you want to use it to drive traffic — and sales — right up.

But with so many company websites spread out across the internet, and many of them packed with their own product or service landing pages targeting different markets so that each is localised, how do you go about getting yours noticed so that visitors come streaming in? Here's how.

It's called landing page optimisation – similar to what you may already be doing for your overall website and the search engines, but customised primarily for individual landing pages. Properly executed, it will quickly lead to higher numbers of visitors to the page and — most importantly — give your all-important conversion rates a big boost. That, after all, is the ultimate goal of any company's online marketing strategy.

For small businesses that don't have much, if anything, of a marketing budget to spend online, or anywhere, you don't actually need to launch a pay-per-click campaign specifically for your landing page. First off, make sure the page, or pages, are optimised for visiting and viewing. That means utilising a variety of rich media on it – while also keeping it fairly clean, simple and short (it is basically an advert). People will be drawn to striking images and interesting videos, so make sure you use them to entice people to click on a contact button or fill out a form.

Another crucial aspect of a well-performing landing page is the speed at which it loads. Too slow and visitors won't wait around, and the search engines won't be all that impressed either. The faster it loads, the more success you'll have, so check it. Also, longtail keywords can often be more advantageous than just simply one, especially if you're targeting various nationwide or international markets. So instead of just using, say, "jackets", something like "jackets women paris" might work better.

If you're not going for PPC or other forms of online advertising to promote your landing pages, such as on social media, consider other, free ways to get the message out. One powerful way is to host a blog on your website, one that contains authoritative topics and guest posts from industry leaders – things that people will really want to read about. Include, of course, links to your landing pages and then post on your social media accounts and hopefully watch it take off as it's shared between users and people start turning up at your landing page.

In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for more essential tips on how to make the most out of your landing pages for ever-higher levels of online success.


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