Four ways to stand out in content marketing

on September 14, 2015 at 14:59

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Content marketing is being championed by more and more businesses as a way to drive traffic to their website.

If content is relevant, engaging, and useful, such a strategy is a perfect way to enhance website conversion rate optimisation, and build trust and credibility with your target audience. There's just one problem: everybody is already doing it. So here are four tips to help your content marketing stand out.

  1. Partner with a superbrand

    A huge brand, by the prestige of its name alone, has a massive competitive advantage and can always drive traffic to its content. As a result, organising a partnership with a famous, credible name almost always guarantees substantial hits. Nevertheless, such arrangements can be incredibly costly, so it's a sound idea to partner with an influencer, or an up-and-coming star – not only will they be cheaper, but also far hungrier for success.

  2. Invest all you can

    Red Bull is the number one energy drink brand; they also invest substantially in content marketing. Their extreme sports events, as well as online music blog, help strengthen Red Bull's reputation as the ultimate brand for high octane thrills – incredibly appropriate for an energy drink. However, most marketing budgets will not be anywhere near the size of Red Bull's, but that doesn't have to be a barrier to success. With a small budget and a little ingenuity, your brand can have a viral hit on their hands.

  3. Be the first

    Though thousands of brands are now investing in content marketing, the content is often not engaging enough, not to mention very similar to what's available elsewhere. By creating exciting (though still relevant) content, you can carve your own niche, and bolster brand identity – a great strategy for improving your conversion rate.

  4. Promotion is the key

    So you've got the best content in your field; but that means nothing without effective promotion. For example, if your target audience is the over 65s, promoting your content on Instagram or BuzzFeed, is an innately poor strategy. Instead, think about where your audience will be online, and what will interest them, then promote in that space. Needless to say, the best way to ensure success is to have the most exciting content, and the shrewdest promotional strategy.


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